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How To Create A Productive Workflow That Works For You?
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How To Create A Productive Workflow That Works For You?

A productive workflow will ensure that you're progressing with each task. It helps you keep the tasks under your supervision and makes you more productive.
How To Create A Productive Workflow That Works For You?

To dwell more into how we can create a productive workflow, we need to understand what does it even mean. A workflow, as suggested by its name, is a series of processes that are required to achieve a specific business goal. You can create a workflow manually or through some automated software - depending on your personal preference and the number of people involved in achieving the business goal at hand. Developing a workflow is essential not just in organizing the work being done but also keeping track of the progress of each respective task.  Workflows help solve the complex puzzle of keeping track of the business activities that are under your supervision.

Why is Project Management Important?

Project Management is generally a fundamental skill that can vary in degrees as your job roles advance. However, it is essential for you; knowing how to make workflows that increase and amp up your team and your productivity is an ace you can have in your set of cards. Using a workflow software tends to be the most effective of solutions bringing in benefits such as eliminating hefty paper trails, reducing redundancy, allowing for better insights, and not missing out on tasks that you might forget if everything is being done manually.

Is There Any Software for Project Management?

There is plenty of project management and productivity software and applications available online, and you may even have picked out your favorite. Still, the tricky part is that your colleagues and team members may not be too enthusiastic about your choice. It is challenging to have a unanimous decision about which software trumps the other. Moreover, no one productivity software will fill in the needs of every project you take on. Your tasks may range from doing solo confidential report writing to managing projects. Sometimes, it can even require teams of 20 or more people with a high level of interdependence in work being done, leaving you confused about how to tailor your prized productivity software to the specific needs of the said task.

According to Forbes’ article “The Team Management Software That Will Help Your Company Perform Remotely,” they list down some of the workflow management software that is helpful for organizations. It is especially true in cases where most of it is moved online, like in today’s day and age. But as mentioned above, one formula does not and cannot apply to everyone, and thus you need to find out what works the best for you. Again your choice of workflow management will most likely change with every new task at hand - so don’t be surprised at your dissatisfaction at reusing the same workflow!

Steps to Create the Flawless Workflow

The following pre-project considerations will help you create a workflow that aids the processes for you and enables you to keep track of your work, catering to your specifications and tweaks.

Be clear about what goal are you working for

Often frustrations tend to pile up when you are unclear about what problems you are trying to solve and untangle. These tasks may vary from writing an article, sending an assignment, hosting a training online, or uploading a video to YouTube or Instagram. These tasks tend to be the ones that you need to get done more likely every week and don’t require that strenuous planning. However, other functions like that of managing new clients or finishing up projects within strict deadlines with the work being done are contingent upon receiving chunks of it from other people.

Layout all the steps you will be going through

Once you have identified the task or project you are about to undertake, you should be in a better position to make a to-do list to achieve the necessary smaller, minute steps required for you to accomplish the success of your final business objective i.e., completion of your task or project. You need to be detail-oriented, and thus if it requires you to break down a small job into two - do it without any inhibition.

During this task breakdown, you might find that there will be specific tasks that can be grouped, because they might be of the same nature, and can be completed in batches. Listing down the steps of your process can help you assess the intensity of the work and help you prepare mentally for what is about to come.

Have separate dashboards for different projects

It is sporadic for us to have only one project at hand. Thus it is essential to keep our different tasks and projects separate from each other and so that you stay on the top of both simultaneously; without mixing any of the two or more. The ease and fun of creating your workflow and productivity tracker are that it gives you room to choose what kind of software you need and for what purpose. Sometimes a digital notebook or a simple task list is what you might be lacking, depending on and varying with what you are dealing with; while other time you might have more tasks divided among people and you need their input on the progress frequently, and you might end up using Trello or Coda dashboards.

And we have to warn you, once you get used to organizing your plans and to-dos, there is often no going back. You might just end up planning a wedding or trip through the help of this software!

The exciting thing about technology and software is that you often have a way of integrating them with other tools. For instance, you can like up your Gmail account with Trello, and that can help you stay on top of things and never miss out on any deadline!

Back it all up

Reliance on this software helps you sort life out and makes it easier for you to keep up with things that are coming your way. However, with your work and data being online, a small glitch in the software or your internet connectivity can cause you to lose a month’s worth of work in minutes. It is well-advised to keep your data somewhere else as well and that your preferred software has a way of exporting the work you’ve done at other places.

Since there is a wide range of options available, it depends on your need and the degree of the workload a project requires off of you to determine the right kind of tool to help you sort out that ever-expanding list of to-dos!

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