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How Can You Professionally Collaborate With People You Dislike?
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How Can You Professionally Collaborate With People You Dislike?

Working with people you dislike can be a duanting and unnerving task. However, sometimes it is also crucial for the sake and growth of your career. So, read through these positive suggestions to learn to grow past your dislike for a colleague.
How Can You Professionally Collaborate With People You Dislike?

Nobody likes everybody - that is how nature works. However, in a professional setting, having difficulty to get along with certain people causes significant setbacks in professional growth. To overcome that, we have a few suggestions and healthy tips for you to get along with people you dislike in professional settings.

Don’t take it personally

You don’t know where a confident attitude is coming from by the other person, so it’s always a good idea to get some space and let certain things go to an extent. However, if it gets too much for you and it affects you in more ways than you can deal with, it is time to focus on the issue on hand and not the person who is giving you a hard time—plan in your head how to respond calmly and how to avoid the conflict instead of overreacting. Try to widen your perspective on the issue and understand that person’s viewpoint by putting yourself in their shoes. It will help reduce anxiety and disturbance for you. Accepting the clash, without judging who is wrong or right, will help in dealing with the problem more rationally.

Practice mindfulness

You cannot always be in control of how the other person reacts towards you, but you can manage your own emotions and reactions. Toxic people tend to drain your positive energy and put you in a very restless state of mind. You need to bring yourself out of that whirlwind of emotions and try to understand your feelings, instead of ignoring or bottling them up. Make a conscious effort to deal with these emotions within yourself, resolve them on your end, and practice not to give in to the urge to react at the moment. Always remember, you have control over yourself, and you can choose not to fuel the fire by just overlooking the other person’s actions and just smile and nod and let it all pass. You can only hope the other person will get a hint.

Act with civility

Always keep in mind, your reactions and attitude with the other person will lead to a similar response and feelings from them. It is still essential that no matter how badly someone treats you, you do not stoop their level and keep yourself above their petty behavior. The key is to be civil and always give a margin for repentance and improvement for the first couple of times, allowing the other person to improve things on their end. However, if the bad behavior is still continuous, all you can do is deal with it with as much humility and civility as possible. That would reflect how you are as a person and not let the other person bring you down in any way at all.

Be realistic in your expectations

When you meet someone professionally, you expect him or her to understand the merits of professional behavior and expect them to meet those merits. It is where the difference of values plays its role and makes it difficult for both ends to get along harmoniously. It is always a good idea to keep the expectations low and realistic to avoid any misunderstanding. Once you realize that there is a difference of opinion, you need to reset your expectations from that person and from there on the plan your actions and act accordingly.

Stay calm and composed

Whenever a different situation comes up, always make a conscious effort not to react instantly. Focus on yourself instead of the other person and make sure you stay clear of reason to trigger an overreaction from the other person. You can always decide when it’s time to simply talk to the person and understand their point of view on the situation. Make this conversation as neutral and judgment-free as possible. Remember, you are choosing to address the issue calmly to resolve it and not to aggravate the matter by bringing up animosity at any point. Be specific, open in expressing your emotions about the situation, and then be ready to thoroughly understand where they are coming from. No matter what, you must make an effort to remain calm and peaceful, as you aim to resolve issues.

Pick your battles wisely

Not every action needs a reaction. Once you know why the other person is acting towards you in a certain way, you must decide whether there is a significant need to give a reaction, or you can simply choose to overlook and move on with the situation. It will save you not only time but also energy because you won’t need to address every issue sent your way. It is wise to simply make peace with the things you can’t change, of course, certain things require instant action but not all. Sometimes, obnoxious behaviors help you set boundaries on how much you can tolerate and recognize what type of reactions and feelings are triggered when you come across specific actions. These help in upgrading your self-awareness and plan your social strategy accordingly.

Team up with like-minded people

You never go into a battle alone. You need to create a circle of positive and trusted like-minded people around you who help you stay grounded and keep reminding you of how the toxic behavior from the other person is not your blame to take. You can talk to them about the situation to get another perspective, and also this helps you vent out your emotions without them backfiring. Also, sometimes when people put you down for no reason, surrounding yourself with a reliable and understating team can help you overcome the difficult times without being sucked into the vortex of negativity. It is natural that you seek approval and understand at times when you and your dignity and actions are questioned. A sound support system always helps you stay afloat no matter what the opponent throws at you.

You are responsible for your happiness

Never let anything put out your spark. You control your emotions and not otherwise. Neither are your emotions dependent on the other person for validity. Think of it this way. The other person only has control over how they act towards you and not on how to make you feel exactly. Of course, they intend to make you feel bad, but you can choose not to react negatively and simply move through the situation unaffected. How can you do that? By simply reminding yourself that, what the other person does not determine who you are or how you should feel. Of course, negative emotions are triggered with negative actions, but you can always let those emotions simply pass through you instead of residing in you. Keep good company and practice mindful daily. Never let anyone bully you into feeling guilty for your actions for self-preference. It is your prime right to take care of your best interest, albeit without putting anyone else in harm’s way.

Start every project with a positive and professional mindset!

You can turn any relationship around with your understanding and optimistic approach in life. Always choose to be kind, give others benefit of the doubt and choose to let go instead of reacting to everything that is hurled your way. Your life needs to remain toxicity free, and only you can keep it that way by not giving in to responding without empathy and civility.

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