Undifferentiated Marketing

Understanding Undifferentiated Marketing

For the record, marketing is simply described as method that can be used in order to help any organizations or businesses for them to make sale on its product offered or the services they have. Now our main target here is the number of consumers in which the marketing methods will be applied.

Basically, any organization that operates in the community whether online or offline has its own marketing methods implemented as they operate business. The objective is common, this is to attract potential sales on their target markets.

The undifferentiated method of marketing is one of the most common strategies that most business implemented.So to explain deeper on it, the first thing that we will do is to simply define what marketing is and its types.

On the three types of primary marketing, the differentiated marketing one uses a target approach in the market and it attempts to devise a marketing method that is only intended to the target market not the general market for the product or services that they offered.

Now the other type of marketing is the undifferentiated one, this one simply treats the general market as one. This means that the approach is the same or specially design for all buyers, potential buyers, etc. Also the term undifferentiated marketing can be described as a mass marketing.

This means that rather than devising different strategies in marketing for different types of potential buyers, in undifferentiated this method attempts to reach out potential buyers using a single strategy in marketing.

In other words, undifferentiated marketing simply treats all target market as one and the marketing method is just to use a single approach that can be appealing to all clients as possible.

So the question now, why undifferentiated marketing?

The answer is to look at the benefits. Any company can enjoy the benefit of implementing undifferentiated marketing as they are applied in many ways.

To tell you, this type of marketing strategy doesn’t even required level of research into its consumers as what other types have. In undifferentiated marketing it only requires simple understanding on the largest segment of population for them to achieve a mass appeal and that’s it.

In addition to that, the undifferentiated type of marketing allows any company to appeal on a wider target market compared to other types of marketing strategies.

But to look on the other side, undifferentiated type of marketing strategy has its drawbacks.

Since the approach threat everyone the same as it applies single marketing method for the target market, the drawbacks for this the marketing assumption will be less or even more the same.

Meaning, as undifferentiated type of marketing simply assumes high degree of match in the general taste, client’s motivation to purchase and its expectations.

It can also lead to result to a high expectation on overgeneralization on the target market in which people have obviously has its unique taste.

As effect, undifferentiated strategy in marketing may even fall flat or turn off some target market, thus become a counterproductive.

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