Business Travel Small Apps

Two free business travel apps

Business travel is stressful enough, but it can be even more of a pain to juggle all of your reservations, schedules and itineraries and keep costs down in the process.

Here’s a quick look at few of my favourite free travel apps.

First up, TripIt.

It’s a handy app that lets you easily keep track of all of your travel info.

You simply forward all of your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars and so on and then TripIt instantly organizes them into detailed summaries with confirmation codes.

When you launch the app, you get instant access to all your trip info you need from this one master itinerary.

Things like links and phone numbers and maps.

Another must have app is

It’s the longest standing hotel booking service that’s turning 25 this year, as I love its clean interface, support in more than 65 countries, and the best loyalty and rewards program.

Whether you’re staying in a chain or maybe a boutique hotel, this app does work with all major smart phones and smartwatches.

Plus there’s a secret price feature, Uber integration, and a 24/7 call centre.

Finally, global travelers should install the free iTranslate.

It’s a handy app that translates your words,phrases and sentences to and from almost 100 languages.

A paid version called iTranslate Voice lets you talk into your phone in one language and immediately hear it in another, in one of 90 languages, no typing is needed.