Protect Yourself From Credit Card Skimmers

How Thief Steals Your Sensitive Credit Card Data

Protecting your data in the past seems simpler. By just keeping your credit card in your pocket then it is already protected.

But the biggest threat that could possibly happen is if someone steals your precious wallet where your credit card is in place.

Due to technology change, it had transformed potential credit card theft for them become less personal and become customary.

This time, your card information can be snatch in a matter of seconds without you knowing, because the card remains on our safekeeping.

Data breach

Your credit card has potential threats, even giant retailers have been hit by cyber criminals breaking their database and steals stored information from their client. This is in fact with the tighten security in their database.

Cyber criminals or hackers still find a hole for them to bypass security. Each breach can impact thousands of database related customers.

Frankly, as consumer, only a little percentage chance for you to prevent third party individual getting in your sensitive information. After a breach has been discovered, affected company will immediately notify all card owners that the database has been compromised.

Of course, the breach does not mean that the information has been taken, it only mean that it might have been taken, so you are warned.

If ever the information from your credit card is already compromised due to data breach, the only thing that you should do is to keep close on your account for possible unauthorized activities.

Check your recent credit report!

Any fraudulent movement from your account can be reversed, but it becomes easier if the safekeeping is done before bad things could potentially happen on you.

Visiting Unsecured websites

This one is common to us, there are websites that offers attractive deals (watch out for this), cyber criminals are creating attractive bait to catch their target and enter their card info in the website. Doing it so may expose the information to the thieves.

Cyber thieves usually used unsecured sites.

They swipe information to the site directly or use the site so it sends malicious code and infect your computer and steals sensitive information that can be used for future attacks.

As basic rule for newbie’s, have extra careful on the website that you visit, verifying a site is not that difficult, especially when you enter sensitive information into it.

You can check the website address located at the browser address bar and if the site address starts with “https” you don’t have to worry, the site is 100% secured, but it starts with “http” better close the browser and leave.

Phishing scams thru different ways

Please do extra careful before you open emails, especially when it comes from a sender whom you just read it for the first time. We are on the new technology generation and thieves become smarter.

“Attachments” this is the type of trick cyber criminals’ use, so by downloading or clicking it automatically infect your computer with malicious software that enables them the thieves to gain access all your sensitive data found on your personal computer, all that includes even your bank or credit card info, anything that is stored on your computer.

Card Skimming

Skimming machine is a small yet portable device that thieves use for them to swipe any credit card info. The device can be used in different ways. It can even be inserted to the ATM machine and even self service readers at any station.

Another example who the device is used is when you hand over your card for the completion of the transaction (a waiter might use the device for them to collect information from you).

We know that our ATM cards are protected by our PIN.

The ATM skimmers install a small camera that is pointed directly to the keypad for them to get your PIN.

So as precaution, cover the machine keypad with your hand while entering the PIN. And if it happens that the card readers are tampered, better go away and avoid it.

Contactless Credit Card readers

There are newly issued card that has special features like RFID or radio frequency identification. A product of new technology, this simply means that the card needs not to be swiped in order for them to complete the transaction.

By just touching the card to the special reader, the transaction is immediately completed without any hustle.

Sounds amazing right? The special cards were designed to become more convenient to the card owners, but again it has risk involved, a security specialist demonstrated how contactless cards have its major flaw.

Cyber criminals can steal all the information of the card by just using a specially made concealed card reader and getting close to the smart card. In short, with the matching technology, thief then can grab all your card info by just standing near to you.

But you don’t need to worry if your credit card issuer gives you a credit card that has RFID features, there are RFID blocking wallets or billfolds that you can purchase on security device store or related company.

The function of this device is to block signals from the card and protects you right away from lurking thieves near at you.

As a whole, whether there is a threat or not, nor your sensitive credit info has been taken over by cyber criminals, the best thing to do is to monitor it closely for possible unwanted account activities and transactions in your bank or credit card accounts without your authorization.

As we said, “thieves getting smarter every day” so as security evolve they also do, they explore on new methods for them to catch their target.

Your prevention might not be effective or enough for possible attacks tomorrow. At least you are aware of the things.

So being vigilant, by shopping smart, and responding quickly to things if you noticed something unusual is happening on your account is the best security you can do to safeguard yourself from thieves.

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