Business Kidnapping Survival Tips

How To Survive Business Kidnapping?

Kidnapping” is a serious crime in which a victim is forcibly transported to a certain location and held captive in form of isolation by the use of force. It can also be define as the act of collecting ransom, getting commission to a felony or terrorizing a certain group or individual.

So when can we say that a situation is already kidnapping?

Well, the key element of it is when you transport a certain victim to a distance, the movement that is trivial and most similarly when a certain individual is isolated and loss the ability to move freely and communicate, kidnapping is also charge when your employees or customers in a bank are locked in vault or when a victim is locked and assaulted.

For your information,

“kidnapping has become a booming business all over the world.”

When you think we are crazy about our statement, well it is time for you to think again.

Despite of what people think about it, kidnapping incidents don’t just happen in third world countries in war torn lands countries or slums located in the wrong town.

Obviously and for the record, kidnappers and criminals can strike anytime, any town, any city, in any country or shall we say “anywhere.”

Criminal incidents happens anywhere, meaning you can be snatched

  • even at street,
  • while in your own car,
  • at your booked hotel,
  • at airport,
  • and the most scary possibilities is that it could happen inside your own house.

Incidents like this happen in an instant, and when it happens, we are sure that the first challenge that you are going to face is the “emotion of terror”.

“Fear” a paralyzing emotion directly to those who are involved. In this situation, it prevents you from even responding effectively to your current status.

With the absence of your mind due to fear, you can no longer do the right actions. Presence of mind is vital for you to survive, avoid and even escape to these so called criminals.

The first 60 seconds

The first sixty seconds of the criminal attack, responding and setting up a mindset on how to survive and escape is a must and adopt “kill or get killed”. But obviously for those who are categorized as a law abiding person, it becomes more difficult for them to do since they have things in mind that prohibits them to act.

The common problem now to people associated with surviving in this type of situation is “self-defense”. Obviously, the term Self-defense is commercial and in fact a marketable term and it also sounds to be ethically acceptable.

As what we have stated on our first statement, your fear can even paralyze and stop you from doing the right thing, the ultimate fear of pain, the fear of getting killed and not seeing your family forever, a fear that if you tend to fight, the higher chances of getting killed and injured.

The greatest challenge now is to turn fears into strength.

Therefore you must channel the fear you have beyond anger into a simon-pure and homicidal hate. After this, you are going to use the emotion you have for you to effectively counter criminals or kidnappers.

The ultimate key towards survival specifically in times where you life depends on your skill and the capability you have to escape is “training.” In fact, if you are not equipped with training, the higher the chances for your life to be at risk in terms of critical situations such like kidnapping.

If you don’t have enough courage to “kill or get killed” mind condition, and if you have not yet learned proper combat defenses and if you have not practiced any techniques, then we strongly suggest that you should start doing it now as early as possible. So you can apply necessary defenses in times kidnappers are disturbing you.

The best chance

In most kidnapping situations, the best chance for a victim to survive is to cooperate and follow what criminals demand.

Normally, a criminal act happens when you become outnumbered by attackers and in situations wherein they are using weapons. So once you are capture, you can do nothing but wait as hostage negotiations are on the process, this situation usually takes a long way.

If situation becomes worst due to unsuccessful resolution and you have a feeling that kidnappers have no plans of releasing you or even worst, they will kill you.

So your main focus now is your escape plan.

But before that, the best option for you to do is to at least prevent kidnappers plan before things becomes into reality. So taking precautionary measures should be seriously considered.

So before you become a target, you need to identify possible threats and when traveling you need to determine potential vulnerabilities. So the next time you have your travel, you need to consider how the way you dress, the politics, the customs and possible threats it could happen.

Choke points should be avoided, whether you are on vehicle or not, never trap yourself. Consider looking for a way out, even though it is unconventional way of getting out.

So therefore you need to analyze routes so you have the idea where critical situations happens and you become abducted, surveillance detection principles should be considered and you should learn from it, not just that you should also maintain awareness of the situation in the area as fast as possible and lastly you must have a defensive skills so you should start training.

We have here some critical points for you to prevent kidnapping:

Pre-plan Your Possible Activities

In all of our advices, it all starts with here.

You need to have a pre-plan with your activities before deciding to depart, this should be done whether it is just a vacation, a business meeting or just a travel around places. This is a smart move and will leave criminals a less chance to do their criminal acts.

You can plan routes and avoid critical areas or places with high crime rate.

You can also avoid routes with heavy traffic which leads to blockage or even too light that can leave you alone in terms of critical situations.

When you’re at home, you need to plan routes to the places that you routinely go, like school, work and even grocery store.

When you are on business travel or just a mere vacation, be sure to choose a reputable hotel. But this does not mean for you to check in on five star hotels or equivalent. With hotels that have high profile is partnered with higher standards in terms of security.

However, it can also be a target by kidnappers because of the type of clients checking in their hotels. So therefore, you need to balance security of yourself at the same time your comfort when choosing a place for you to stay. As safety precaution, your diligence in asking people who have backgrounds in the area should not be missed.

Pre-Position your Escape Elements and Key Survival Plans

Another advice that we can give is to have your key items at hand for your survival and escape plans. These items place in your body (it is suggested to place it on hiding areas so kidnappers won’t notice).

With a perfect technique, you can even use “paracord” for you to saw a rope or zip ties.

You can also make use of paper clips or even bobby pins for you to pick handcuffs and even padlock with the right skill and technique on how to do it. Metal combs can also be used as tools or even weapons. Mirror for you to signal and get the attention of people around the cordoned area or you can make it as blade.

By just using your imagination, we are sure that you can device your own tolls and even weapons.

Design a plan for Worst Scenario Cases

Obviously, nobody wants to experience situations like this. But in reality kidnapping is just around the corner, and it is a multi-business that keeps growing day after day.

The effective way to country worst scenario is to plan ahead of time, think the possibilities and plan solution for worst cases. Remember that during the plan, you need to clearly educate yourself on various aspects about kidnapping and have your plan.

In the past years, we see lots of kidnap and extortion cases around the globe, and not the shift between kidnap to worst situation and kidnap to kill. So with your worst scenario case plan, the higher the chances for you to take actions in case of really difficult situation happens.

Be Invisible

This is also one of the most important advices to our readers, being “invisible”. This means that you should blend to the environment that you are into, so never stick out.


It is best for you not to wear your business attire for your meeting appointment in New York when you have your business meeting Venice.

This means that you should not wear or avoid wearing flashy watches or designer clothes or even jewelry. So even if the time you arrive in the airport, make sure your dress is consistent to the first destination.

So starting now, you need to become invisible, what we mean here is transform yourself making it difficult for criminals to target you. Stay alert, and check the possibilities for you to happen and make sure you are safe!

For you to increase your safety, you need to strengthen your personal security. We managed to gather some information for you to strengthen your security.

1. Screening your Employees and Staff

– this is indeed crucial and should be taken seriously, so you need to carefully screen people around you.

Among in the list that you should consider like your “Yaya,” driver and office or home workers, you need to verify them to the second level, their real identity, birthplace, documents with current pictures or you can even asked NBI clearance for you to make sure about their identity.

2. Avoid routine

– this one is important, you need to avoid a specific routine. This includes the time you leave and arrive home. You need to change your schedule regularly.

You can have a car route from office to school or school to office, school to market randomly. You can also change the type of vehicle you use.

3. Living a simple life

— you need not be too showy with your current standing and display your belongings in public. If you can avoid unnecessary public extravagance do it as soon as possible.

4. Be careful in your Social Media

– have extra careful to everything and if possible don’t reveal much about what you have or even your family in social media platform. You don’t need to display your new car, your new house or even your condominium. Revealing your address is a no. and make sure you have turned your GPS off in your phones.

Also, never post updates on social media about your frequent hangouts. There are many people who are not aware about social media sites reveal a specific location where the post originated.

5. Instructing your people not to give your personal information

– you need to remind the people who work with you, your driver, your household worker and other people not to share information and stay private, especially when it comes to strangers or suspicious individuals.

6. Being vigilant at all times

– for the record, kidnappings usually happens at night, but in some cases it can happen in daylight, in short, kidnappings and other criminal activities can happen anytime it is not by day or by night.

7. Invest in CCTVs installed in your workplace and even at home

— installing high quality captured CCTVs in your residence and workplaces plays a significant role in decreasing kidnapping and other related criminal case and increase your security rate.

8. Never talk or go alone with strangers

– make this a habit and always remind your kids not to talk with suspicious individual or strangers, the same thing as what our parents during our younger days for us not to talk to unknown individual, constantly reminding them not to do so even if is just a phone call or even online.

Risk, fear and hope

Risk, fear and hope” has a multi- billion dollar potential, what we mean is the potential business for kidnapping, extortion and ransom from the point of view of hostage and victims. In rare cases we seldom see a company who trains their people with basic defense in terms of critical situations.

For the record, kidnapping incident has been increasing. In Africa it even increased up to 30 percent from the year 2013 -14 and still rising fast in Middle East countries.

Though 60-70 percent of the overseas related kidnapping involving United States citizens were unreported, BCA or Bureau of Consular Affairs in United States Department reported that around dozens of US citizen working on companies has been abducted.

The alarming surge of data is somewhat due to the increasing number of militant groups around the globe at the same time an increase in the political instability and economy.

According to the recent statistical data we have, it points out that of all the criminal cases specifically in kidnapping last year 2015, around 84 percent involves local citizens and 60 percent involves foreign people.

34 percent of total kidnappings took event in Asia, then Africa at 30 percent, American with 21 percent.

Next to follow is the Middle East with 20 percent and lastly Europe and portions of Russia with 2 percent. It was Nigeria placed at number one in terms of kidnapping incidents last 2015.

The incident usually starts with hostage broker in an insurance, in which big companies employ for them to assess the degree of risk in the company employees.

Some companies are taking this a business, and they believed it is the secret strategy for them to get money.

As what have been stated on potential industry in this type of situations or kidnapping, there are few organizations that actually cater this type of need, this is done by insurance companies with travel policies, and some companies even offer ransom and kidnap or R&K insurance to its clients.

Normally, this type of unique policy has cover on extortion, mistaken detention, hijacking, and kidnap. The R&K insurance policy is compensation assistance or the reimbursement of loss by the one who is insured.

This type of policy does not pay as what the kidnappers demand in release of the victims. Typically, the one who insured on the first hand pays the demanded ransom by the criminals and later on seek its reimbursement to what is stated in the policy paid.

The common losses includes money paid in the ransom, deliver, accidental death or even dismemberment, the judgments and the legal liability and other additional costs for the medical care of the victim, counsel, replacement salary of the victim, payment for the family counseling and the rehabilitation.

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