Small Business Security

Small Business Safety

Keeping Staff and Assets Safe

Thinking about small business safety before anything goes wrong is a smart idea.

Small business owners are often a tempting target for thieves. They know that the business is going to be lightly staffed and may not even have cameras and alarm systems in place.

Many times, a business owner only installs these security measures after something has gone wrong. A better option is to work to keep staff members and business assets safe before anything happens.

Install Cameras That Work

Many businesses try to save money by placing dummy cameras in prominent locations. However, these cameras do not always look realistic enough to foil savvy thieves and are not able to be used to monitor staff safety.

In today’s high tech world, an option that combines dummy cameras and a nanny cam aimed at the checkout counter is an inexpensive solution that will deter most thieves and will record those who are not fooled by the dummy camera. However, the ideal option is a working security camera system.

Pairing a camera with a baby monitor is a very low tech option that allows the business owner to quickly become aware of problems at the counter when he or she is still sitting back in the office.

A gunman yelling, “Hands up!” will immediately alert the business owner so he or she can call the police in this situation, while a camera only system will only be effective if the business owner is looking at the monitor when the thief enters the building.

While staff members may not enjoy having conversations monitored, the owner can assure them that he or she values their privacy and is not simply spying on them by providing a monitor free area where they can relax, such as a staff room.

Install a Monitored Alarm System

For employees, working in a place of business that has a monitored alarm system provides peace of mind. Employers can feel less stressed about the safety of their employees and store inventory or the contents of the store safe, as well.

Staff members who have to work alone will really appreciate a panic button that they can carry around when they are in the building without any other staff members.

Make the Business a Less Tempting Target

A vet’s office that does a deposit once a week and only empties the money drawer at the front desk once a day. A florist who opens the safe in front of everyone, since it is located in the shop’s main area. A caterer who makes the store deposit every Friday at 1 pm and carries the cash bag in her hand on the way to and from the car.

What do all of these people have in common? They are such tempting targets for thieves that they might as well paint bulls eyes on their front doors.

To reduce the likelihood of attracting thieves, a business should:

  • Make frequent deposits and be sure they occur at different times and on different days.
  • Avoid leaving large quantities of cash sitting in the register, cash box, or store safe.
  • Keep the safe in a secure area and do not divulge the location to even the nicest seeming customer.

Taking steps to protect the business before anything happens is the smartest decision a business owner can make. Even simple things, like changing routines and being less predictable can help a business become less appealing to thieves.

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