Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence Vs Data Mining

Machine learning, this is a term that goes beyond Artificial intelligence and offers a certain processed data for a machine to adapt and learn.”

Artificial Intelligence is a broad term using data as basis in creating solutions to problems.”

Data Mining, the process of collecting information in order to determine patterns and will serve as foundation for Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.”

When we talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence, the public knowledge somewhat lands between the understanding of technology and acquiring information from it, remember that there are tons of misunderstanding and misinformation in the digital world on what our computers can’t and can do.

But, as AI (artificial intelligence) becomes a sensation in the new generation, the market research industry at the same time using this technology is also becoming exciting to the things that are happening now.

To give you a quick idea on machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining and how these three play together in order to produce information regarding market problems and why they become in demand as basis in business tactics and plans.

Data mining,”

it a newer method in which research companies in the market are now employing, and it also serves as the foundation of both machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Remember that data mining is not just collecting information from different sources. With data mining, it also alerts you with possible patterns seen in which these patterns are not expected.

This is also the integral part of creating programs, using the statistics, information and data that will be injected to artificial intelligence in order to create a model.

Artificial Intelligence,”

as people think this as something that is indistinguishable, that somewhat relates with Aliens and NASA, it is basically a routine in the research world in which experts are looking for methods.

In fact, machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence are intertwined in which it becomes difficult to create a hierarchy among these three, since they are connected with each other thru the combination of the available methods in order to create accurate model.

Machine learning,”

this one is often described as artificial intelligence. But, machine learning basically one step away by simply offering the needed data for the machine for it to adapt and learn when the data is absorbed.

A learning machine has the capability of processing information in to sets and detects patterns and applies this information in order to create a brand new solution.

Basically, parameters are being set up before a machine can start its learning process. The machine needs to find the needed data for it to assess and react based on the data processed.

Joining Forces

As data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence basic description. These three has its similarities making it easy to understand not like a complicated battle data in a warzone, these three works together in order to create a sound answer to questions and even prove hypotheses in the market.

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