How to keep my job?

Effective Ways to Keep a Job Assigned To You

If your job status now is “currently employed”, in the event that something is with your boss, your co-workers or the environment is hot like to burn you in hell, and make you think of leaving your job.

Let me remind you some of the important facts about the unemployment rate.

Last July of this year that was around 7.8 percent, once percent lower than what was recorded on the previous year or about 8.20 percent and more than 2 percent in 2014 when it hit 9.5 percent in the midst of terrible decline in the economy.

Of all the data presented, it only portrays that no such job is guaranteed, it is uncertainty in terms of level when holding a job. But as economy recovers, everything will be back at place but not totally the same as before.

In this situation, your personal effort can’t do much for it to fix economy.

In fact, there are things that you can do to make yourself valuable at your work and show your boss how crazy if they will let you go.

Here are some of the effective ways for you to keep a job that is assigned to you.

“How to keep my job?”

Little things matters

There are things to talk about when it comes to work, but you shouldn’t forget the basics.

  • Don’t be late, come on your workplace on time, being punctual matters a lot and let your boss realize how you value time and work.
  • Leave at the right time to leave, leaving work at the right time not too early not too late.
  • Do the assigned work. Just do what you are paid to.
  • Hitting your goals. Achieved what people want you to achieve.
  • Follow rules, even the simplest one matters a lot.
  • Be realistic and don’t pretend you are ok even though it’s not. Ask for help if necessary.

The detailed yet enumerated information above are obviously basic and very easy to understand. It is the minimum and you need it for your employee not to give reason to kick you out. However give you employer an incentive for them to stay at you.


Getting the popularity is not at need in an office, but with positive mind-set and good humor really goes above. Remember that most of the jobs now involve direct contact with your peers, superiors and direct reports to superior.

Meaning your attitude and how you handle your co-workers has enormous bang in your career, it is not just how the way to handle things, but the quality experience with your work environment.

In short, unpleasant or rude people can turn down morale to everyone. Again, being a social star is not needed, especially when you are a type of person that is introverted in nature.

Being kind, fair and pleasant is enough.

Go for Extra

In most job settings, you will not be working alone in a certain work environment.

Most company has hundreds of employees doing the same job as yours. If you are just doing things that is intended to you without any extra, you will get lost for sure and if time of downsizing and no differentiable from you towards others.

So go for extra and ask more, you can ask your immediate boss for projects that might need your help or peers that needs any assistance on their current work.

Remember to never lose sight on your work, remember

quality is better than quantity.

When you help complete a task beyond your job responsibilities, it increases your personal value and will help separate you from other workers. This is good ammunition for you to bring in your next performance evaluation.

Upgrading your skills

There are companies who offer great benefits for their employees with higher education or those who pursue upgrading their work related field. This is a great opportunity for you to increase personal value in a company while opening new career.

Look for possible opportunities for you to acquire new skills, remember that your workplace is evolving constantly at the same time employees should go along with the evolution if they want to stay.

Quick tip: if you want to level up your skills, don’t get focused on obvious skills on your job. Redesign a little, work on tangential skills like time management, information technology, conflict resolution, communication and more.


It is not that what you know, but it’s who you know

… this line was on the minds of most people and they mean it in a very negative way of comprehending implying knowledge and skills doesn’t matter at all because connection matters.

Eventually, all matter. An advocate is not a requirement to succeed in life, specifically at work. A person who firmly believes at you and sees as value is what people need.

But don’t forget to produce amazing work that will get other people in trouble.

Promote yourself!

You might not get used to and you might even thing that doing this is not good at all. Our point here is “keeping your hard work in the dark”, let your co-worker what you are actually doing.

Don’t be shy to tell your colleague that you’re done and accomplished what you are working.

Your boss makes around the floor and don’t miss a chance to leave positive notion.

Understanding Future

You are hired by a company for some reason and when you feel like your fit or not, you are playing a role for the success of the company. That is how important you are, but remember that the company has plan and you should fit on that future plans.

This means that valuable employees are those who see beyond the task given to them and invaluable employee sees company’s goals and sees their contribution to achieve its goals.

And if you don’t see the purpose, you will become unmotivated and can affect your work. But with better understanding with your organizations goal ignites motivation and it will become easier for you to discover opportunities that can lead you above.

Keeping your job or employment is not a guarantee, but your willingness to exert extra effort will go towards a notion from your employee for them to make you an asset.

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