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Differentiation between Differentiated and Concentrated type of Marketing Strategy

Either small and big companies or even marketing experts use several kinds of marketing strategies for them to effectively convey the message they want on a certain product or services they offer. Marketing methods are designed in order to create a focus and detailed approach in the marketing campaign.

Concentrated and differentiated marketing techniques are the two approaches that can be utilized by business owners and managers in operating their businesses and basically both have its unique advantages in different reasons.

Differentiated Strategy in marketing

When a certain company create a campaign that can appeal to more than two market segments or to groups, this type of marketing method falls on differentiated strategy, for instance, a certain store promotes a sale that can appeal to buyers in two locations or shall we say cities, or a product made by a company that appeals at least 2 groups in terms of age, that is differentiated strategy.

Differentiated strategy in marketing target many segments, a show company create a campaign on a product that can be used in two users’ men and women in all ages. A differentiated marketing also creates different messages on similar campaign on different segments. An example for this is a retailer with low budget product but has product quality in order to affluent the market segment.

Concentrated Strategy in Marketing

This type of strategy focused on a specific audience or market segment. For instance, a certain company markets a certain product that is only for girls that are teenagers, or a certain retailer only markets his products on a specific resident of a town, city or certain groups.

Concentrated strategy in marketing often geared for groups that are small, for the company to introduce a specific product segment.

Undifferentiated Strategy in Marketing

When we talk about concentrated and differentiated strategies in marketing, it is significant also to understand what undifferentiated strategies in marketing is, an undifferentiated strategy, marketers make use of similar message in all market segments.

This is somewhat similar to a mass marketing, a marketer create message that is for everyone, the message is general or so simple that it enables the general target to relate.

For instance, to understand better what undifferentiated, differentiated and concentrated marketing strategies, let us look at each perspective. Let us assume that a certain restaurant in town is trying methods for them to market the new business they have.

By using the “differentiated strategy,” they can simply appeal to college crowd by promoting cheap specialties, drinks and foods. In family crowd they will offer a kid friendly options and table with entertainment and giving discounts for early birds or seniors.

When using a “concentrated strategy,” the new restaurant then markets their new business to a group of resident wherein the business operated, residents that are five to ten miles in scope.

When using “undifferentiated strategy,” the new restaurant simply highlights its special celebration to the community which is the grand opening.

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