How Customer Value Affect Business

In the aggressive market world of music and sport, alignment in the organization is seriously taken advantage. But surprisingly, this is rarely done in a business operation scenario.

In reality, there are companies operating in the community that has “gold employees” this means that they have people with potential talent that has been held in reserve in the dark.

This is happening because most employees have been in full focus with their assigned daily job, considering that they can be subject to organizational alignments that greatly affect them.

This type of situation can result to a suboptimal performance of the employee that leads to discontented both regular and new customers, missed opportunities in the market, disappointed stakeholders and frustrated employees. This situation also slows down the overall competitive edge of the company.

But for companies who have combined organization alignment towards its ability to go forward in the market, it has become an effective way for them to get better and remain competitive in the challenging market. In fact, this system has been adopted by evolving companies.

Every manager knows that that

when customers have problems in a certain scenario, resolving it will have a reflective impact for return purchase.

With the existence of social media and websites, small problems can even amplified as customer expresses their personal experiences and the type of customer service that they have on a certain entity, this allows them to share to their colleagues, friends and general public.

The questions now are:

How impactful these experiences with your customer affect your business?

How long the good or bad effect last?

We have found a good report that was based on survey involving 1046 respondents that has personal experience with regards to customer service in a certain company.

Basically, the main intent of the survey was to put a figure on the long-term impact of a customer service in a business operation.

The survey that we managed to use was conducted by an independent research company that specialize technology.

We will not go deeper with the survey itself. We will just tell you what we have found out.

So to make things short, the survey demonstrate clearly that company’s customer service has dramatic blow in terms of the customers buying behavior to a certain company wherein experience with customer service had happen.

But with good customer service, the result can increase product or business acquisitions and those customers that were categorized as terrible customers will be given alternatives.

And in fact, what we found out with good customers services was that, it can jumped business sales allowing you get timeless loyalty, leading your business to get good feedbacks and additional sales.

Every customer services have long-term brunt in terms of customers buying decisions and with good management of your clients this will continue to affect every business in the long run.

Remember that your customers have higher chances of sharing personal experience in social media and other review websites that will provide you with awareness regarding their experiences.

And with these stories posted it will have an influence with other potential customers.

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