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Business Travel Guide: 60 quick tips for perfect travelling

We might not be the oldest social network in terms of travel sites online.

But, rest assured that we are already in our shining moment as we turn out to be one of the travelling reference by some business industries for them to look answer on questions regarding travelling, sharing their travelling experience and stories in their day to day travel activities.

Whether travel is business or purely leisure and family enjoyment, the concept of travelling never changes. So we have here and sorted all them out in a single content for you to be aware of these common traveling questions and tips.

The number of first questions are total to 40 and some of these are run mill queries like where and how a traveler can find a good guide based in locality, or the type of visa needed for the desired destination to travel.

Other question are somewhat tilt intriguingly and eclectic at traveler’s viewpoint. And it seems that makes us astonishment of what inspires people for them to hit the lane of surprise.

  • Considering, what our friends and even relatives think when we move somewhere?
  • Are the place we visit suits our traditional environment?
  • Are the place we visit ok with travelers?

With those initial viewpoints, some of them are not really questions. They are just stuff that some people including you would like to share. Among these questions are scam warning and trip reports.

40 questions

So we have here some of the 40 questions that we believed you should know and we also added some samples.

  1. How to get your visa from A to Z?
  2. If I have x remaining days before my official travel, should I do this or that?
  3. How is my itinerary? Is it ok to have these?
  4. How to get from A to B? And how much time it will take? And what are the best option for me to choose at the cheapest way?
  5. What are the type of items I will pack to take on location A?
  6. What are the possible network in the county that I will visit? Does my current phone work with it?
  7. Which do you think is better? From route A to B or route C to other country?
  8. What is the weather in the x?
  9. Does x country needs any medication or anti-malaria vaccines?
  10. Are people sensitive in their local custom? Does doing this offend them?
  11. Can you recommend a place/hotel/beach/guide/language course?
  12. I read this [you insert the text here or any related things that you would like to clarify]: any update on this? (This is usually discussed by community members and even local experts).
  13. Is traveling to x safe?
  14. Is it ok to do this one while travelling to x?
  15. The transaction system of ATM in country x, can you suggest an option for me to avoid higher fees and get good rate of my money?
  16. What is your opinion in renting a car in x?
  17. How to avoid authentic experience in area x?
  18. Is it ok to bring my child in x [the risks and cost involved].
  19. What are the possible scams in x?
  20. Can anyone here go with me in x?
  21. I want to travel in x. Is here my travel report?
  22. What are the foods in the x? Where can I get food options?
  23. What people do in x to y?
  24. How to safe keep my stuffs?
  25. Can I trust the people in x?
  26. Does people in x understand English?
  27. How to inform my family and friends about my travel plans?
  28. Is it ok to travel alone in x?
  29. What are the best career abroad? How to balance travel and work?
  30. I am scared, what should I do?
  31. Is acquiring travel insurance necessary?
  32. What was the most awful place you have visited? [You can share your personal experience]
  33. Which items should I bring or get?
  34. How’s the road condition in the x? What’s the best way to drive in?
  35. Can you recommend cheap diving site?
  36. Is it safe to travel in x place?
  37. Is it necessary to ask for reservation?
  38. I am a beginner in traveling at x, any useful tips?
  39. Where to find best food?
  40. Can you suggest guidebook for my travel in x?

Whether business or purely leisure, travelling needs a careful planning. In my four years of travelling experience I still consider myself a newbie.

Travelling is broad thing to define, even though you have carefully read and understand the do’s and don’ts, still you will learn new lessons along the way and slowly adjust the right thing to do.

business traveller

60 business traveling tips

At this moment we have collected and recreated some of the best travel tips that we believe you should read.

Travel tip 01: Stop spreading the germs.

Be cautious, airplane is one of the main bacteria and virus carrier, but with proper prevention, you can stop the spreading on the spot.

Your sanitizer can save you from possible health problem. By sanitizing your hands then dab on your finger and use it.

Traveltip 02: Refrain from noise.

Forget your expensive, bulky, noise cancelling headphones. You can use disposable earplugs.

There are good reasons why you need to avoid using it as possible, one of it is that they are considerably cheap to buy, less bulky, easy for you to replace, take-off and landing friendly[because the items are not electronic] and the comfort it offers when using them, because you’re not wrangling with big ear covers.

Travel tip 03:Eat cleverly.

We managed to gather four major rules before eating in airport. The best thing to do is to look for airline attendants, personnel, pilots, etc. And check where they are eating, you can always follow them.

Another tip is to eat foods that are rich in carbs, remember that these types of foods takes longer for your body to digest and absorb, in short they last longer in your body.

Another tip is to choose bottled water as beverage, if possible avoid drinking soda as it will surely mess with your stomach. Last tip for this section is prefer eating chicken quesadilla.

Travel tip 04: The HAHU rule.

It is best to bring someone along with you when traveling in a place that is cool or if possible you can organize multiple dates from different countries.

HAHU is the term used for travel, H stands for “Hustle”, A for “Anticipate” and HU for “Heads Up”.

Travel tip 05: Sanitize your tray.

Did you know that folding tray in the table is rarely cleaned? So the higher chances for it to have remaining presence of food debris in the past users.

For worst, it might even have contagious bacteria. By carrying antibacterial wipes, you can then wipe the tray before using anything from it.

You can do it many times until you become satisfied. [Warning: you will be surprised with the amount of dirty after doing it]

Travel tip 06: Stay updated and connected.

For regular travelers whether business or personal, make sure to bring with you your wireless modem, you might need them for unexpected circumstances.

You can find Wireless hotspots but they have log in passwords. There are many network providers that you can access with, so make sure that you remember all the log in accounts as you log in on different providers.

Travel tip 07: Zip your security.

  1. First, ask for some reasonable claims for a premier status for you to get premier line.
  2. Second, upon showing your ID on a boarding pass, you can try to ask to which line they think for you to move fast. Third, you can do solo travelers for business.

For the record, men brings with them fewer accessories, this means that they view security line as race. Lastly, avoid a line with married couples on leisure, you will surely miss your flight schedule.

Travel tip 08: Avoid TV.

Not unless there is a specific show that you don’t want to miss out, as standard procedure when entering your hotel room, don’t turn on your television immediately. Before you realize, you already wasted 80 minutes.

So make sure you step away from the TV remote. You can instead satisfaction activities that will make your travel become memorable.

Travel tip 09: Beat the jet lag.

To effectively battle fatigue due to long range travel with multiple zones, you need to consider three things. Light, time and food. Light: even though you are very tired the time your plane land, it is still not advisable to sleep, until such time that it is totally dark outside.

So if the lights are out, you need to stay up. And if it’s dark, sleep even you are not that tired. Time: you can trick your body thinking the time zone destination by just resetting your personal watch and you can also sleep when it is night during your travel. Food: you need to eat less, even if you are offered with food.

You can eat half of what is actually offered. We advise that you eat at full course when you are in your official destination.

Travel tip 10: Read local publications.

This one should not be missed and should be at first, but no worries the tips that we shared here are not based on its importance. So when you venture out whether business or personal leisure, make sure you read some local publications to the country you are heading.

So if you are located in a new place, by reading local publishing you might be informed with possible activities or may be bad people are lurking around the area. Or even learn something informative in the publication.

So if you cannot read, you can just lurk on the photos and check on it. Lastly, you can also use the paper as wrapper when gifts that you pick up.

In this portion we added some thrifty travels tip for you to, as our economy becomes wobbly yet our dream or plan for travel is need to be pursued for some good reason. Managing your travel budget matters on how you use your skill for you to have a better travel experience.

By playing the cards right and spending at a minimal cost lowers the invisible barrier that separates the places you have traveled as to experience. For you to keep everything manageable and affordable, we are adding another 50 thrifty tips for you to stretch you travel money.

Travel tip 11: The term.

X, Z&Z might offer double experience in terms of cultural intimacy at hotel rate. You can find these in many countries if you only know the right word.

For instance “Husrom” is a Norwegian term for “sobe” and Slovenian term is “Gästezimmer” in German it is defined as “private home.

Travel tip 12: “No to touristy Restaurants”.

What we mean here is those restaurants with classy intro like “We Speak X” banner and if you check on menus it is translated in multilingual terms. You can go on locals for you to save money. In some of my business travel, I go with menu written in local language and then go with the specials.

Travel tip 13: Fly open-jaws.

The idea of going from one place to another or city to city, save your money and time by just avoiding costly return from A to B to A or starting point. It is way better to start from mild countries and work in places with higher culture shock.

Doing this minimize stress, and can save huge amount of money when you do your shopping and also it has less health risk as you finish your travel.

Travel tip 14: Off season travel.

For sure doing travel schedule like this saves your money as you get cheap airfare, has variety of cheap rooms to choose and less people in line. Cities like Rome, London and Paris are best for this.

Travel tip 15: Go on Family Business.

Business run by family offers best value as they employ members of the family. Therefore, you will be served by people who value reputation with their customers.

Travel tip 16: Picnics can save you money.

Stock your room in hotel with munchies and drinks upon your arrival. Know the cheapest store who offers lower prices of foods.

Travel tip 17: Choose season foods.

Italian people go crazy with mushrooms. Germans lap up white asparagus and Spaniards go with snails, but only if waiters announce that all of them are fresh. You can save lots of bucks if you order foods that are in season.

Travel tip 18: Using guidebook.

By spending 15$ for you to save $4,000, what we mean here is that is to stay smart on your travel expenditures.

Travel tip 19: Using ATM than.

Doing this saves cash and it’s faster. For the record ATMs has best rates but they have transaction fees with it, for you to minimize fees, you can do it by having larger withdrawals and store cash safety in your belt.

business travelling

Travel tip 20: Dial direct and stay cheap.

International mobile phone cards that have PINs are sold at international rate. The call rate is normally at 10 cents a minute, save more compared to $3 per minute offered by American services.

Travel tip 21: Cars are costly headaches.

This is true to all, so the best thing to do as option is to go for car rental as you visit big city and drop off on the final travel destination. “Paying $15 per day to store your $40 a day car is a mistake.

Travel tip 22: Shop smart.

You can do shopping on cheaper countries wherein you can stretch your dollar. The spending deference is enormous.

Travel tip 23: Relatives, friends and contacts.

This tip works best if you are charming and interesting.

Travel tip 24: Adopt their taste.

France love wine, beer for Prague, tea for England while Rhine loves white wine. Therefore going with local specialties enables you to experience the best of service and even quality at best price.

Travel tip 25: Look for ticket discounts for your overseas flights.

This is termed as “consolidator” that are legitimate. You can save dollars with this. There are some agencies that offer great airfares.

Travel tip 26: Avoid cloud judgment.

When planning your trip, it is best for you to choose the type of car rental, hotel room or plane tickets that offers best value, not in good hopes waiting for extra miles.

Travel tip 27: Know your rail pass options.

If you travel a lot, rail pass can give you big savings. But for those who are on short trips, the point to point tickets are much cheaper.

Travel tip 28: Go for Second Class.

The speed is the same, and the price is almost a half of the first class, thought there is a difference in comfort, but it is only minimal compared to regular one. Most business personalities don’t travel via first class tickets unless it is paid by someone.

Travel tip 29: Buses VS train.

Though buses are slower, they are much cheaper compared to trains. In London it could cost you $145 using train but $45 in bus save $100 instantly.

Travel tip 30: Group travel.

People who travel in group save much than travelling individually, you don’t need to worry about the cost of gas. There are many of you sharing expenses.

Travel tip 31: Parking Carefully.

Please be aware of this, many thieves target and even recognize tourist cars. So just safety and how things work. Cars with broken glass are a spot for thieves. As suggestion, it is way better to park on garage and pay bucks with attendant watching on it order to avoid damage in the future.

Travel tip 32: Go for discounts.

There are situation in which train holders getting discounts when renting bike at station. In some cases there are instances in which you can rent bike and drop it on other town with no extra charges.

Travel tip 33: Pay cash not your credit card.

Though your credit cards gives you a good rate in term so dollar exchange, but most breakfast and bed accepts cash as mode of payments.

Travel tip 34: Check the buying and selling rate.

When you exchange cash, always check this one, if a certain establishment does not show this, better avoid it. By visually seeing the exchange rate you can forecast the possible amount needed and your profit margin.

Those establishments that are showing only their selling rate hide something, so make sure you are aware of it.

Travel tip 35: Prepare your money belt.

You will save dollars. In most cases, thieves targets US citizens because they are not mean but because they are smart. Most of them know that stuffs are placed in the wallet.

So as safety precaution, assume anyone around you even beggars as pickpockets. Be cautious especially when you are at crowd and some who pretend as fake police and ask with your wallet. And you will find out that they are just scams.

Travel tip 36: Your discounts.

Students and seniors should not forget to ask for their rights to discounts. But be warned, there are country who don’t grant discounts even to senior citizens based from nationality.

Travel tip 37: Remember the transaction fees.

Remember that any transaction has this item, so be sure to have your bills itemized. Don’t assume or you will have a shortage. You can ask how much and do your math and never rush your cashier, you can smile and we are sure can save lots.

Travel tip 38: Travel with a companion.

Fact, single room in a hotel nearly cost the same as double. So if you can travel with a companion better do it, for both of you to save money.

Travel tip 39: Buy at the right place.

Did you know that a map bought in Europe has half price if you buy in America? Not just this, there are wide variety of selections that you can choose, just find time to do this.

business travelling tips

Travel tip 40: Use the technology.

Instead of using postcards, use the available technology to communicate online. As for the cost, postcards and mailing is much expensive and time consuming that just going to a cybercafé and spend 10 minutes. For sure there are many hotels with free access in the internet.

Travel tip 41: Options.

In terms of hotels, don’t just focus on single hotel, you can move a little and then check. There are hotels around the corner that offers cheap yet comfort and safe to check in. and it offers big discounts for tourist.

Travel tip 42: Department stores.

Make advantage of it, there are couple number of establishment that offer cheap products and this is indeed fact.

Travel tip 43: Flee market.

Although these types of market are notorious in term of ripping tourist, this market offer great deal with soft prices.

Travel tip 44: Budget Airline.

To connect circles in other countries, consider using budget airline. You can book flights from phone or thru web. And also be aware that cheap airlines use small airports which will cost you extra money and time to get to the city.

Travel tip 45: Hike Alps.

Even though you pay for lift ticket for you to go on high country, Alps are some countries high value. There are those who offer with helicopter to reach mountain with cheap beds and menu at prices that you can surely afford with.

Travel tip 46: Stay informed.

Keep yourself aware to everything you do and possible have information from it. The need to know about cancellation policy of a hotel and keep track to what you have reserved, there are circumstances that situations like this happens, so if you think that you can’t make it, cancel it in advance.

You can also reconfirm reservations two to three days ahead of time. Remember that even the finest hotel can mess up with their bookings. And arriving with no room is a hustle and headache.

Travel tip 47: Avoid extra service.

If possible avoid agent with room finding features, they normally charge extra fee with it and gives you a room that is at the highest price with no possible discounts. For best experience, you guidebook can help you.

Travel tip 48: On fly rooms.

Check for possible off peak hotel deals. There are hotels that cater business travel with deep discounts. Even those who arrived with no reservations can get discounts, specifically when tourist traffic slows down.

There are hotels who offers fancy hotel room at the cheapest price, let us say you get $400 worth of hotel comfort at a price of $100.

Travel tip 49: Being smart in hotel choices.

A place with 24 hour desk is considered a bad value for travelers who are in budget. Remember that hotel with lavish lobbies hide crummy rooms. Before checking in, make sure you check, smell and hear it. If your goal is just for sleeping, choosing a room with overlooking is obviously a mistake.

Travel tip 50: Ask for hotel room deal.

When business is obviously slow, you have higher chances of getting discount. You can go directly and ask some good deal, for your three night stay at cash payment.

Travel tip 51: Pack your room.

The more the cheaper compared to individually paying the room. For sure, quad is little bit expensive than double but still you get value with your money.

Travel tip 52: Avoiding hotel breakfast.

Although this is convenient, these have value. If your breakfast is somewhat optional, you can join a local crowd at corner café and lower your stay price.

Travel tip 53: Spend wisely.

In some country, drinks in bar is cheaper than at the table. The price in the table has great value if you linger and enjoy. But for those who just toss down for a quick leisure drink, you can do it somewhere else or at bar for a price of half.

Travel tip 54: The offer.

In every country, there is always being “early bird”. Some tagged this as “Blue Plate”. So you need to know the lingo, and your options. You can dine in with your $15 in some places with savvy offerings.

Travel tip 55: No Over-tip.

According to survey, American citizen tip fifteen to twenty percent more than European people. So this is just a friendly advice, but tip is not that necessary, so you can save few bucks.

Travel tip 56: Order bulk.

For you to save dollars, for couples you can instead order salad and split it. Another thing is to request regular water instead of asking for a mineral water and you can also skip restaurant deserts.

Travel tip 57: Make use of public transportation.

Most single tickets are mostly designed for roundtrip, special transfers or even hour of travel. Basically with three rides it will cost you more. Therefore, airport is the cheapest yet convenient public transit for you to go to a city.

Travel tip 58: Pass cards.

There are passes that enables you to save money. Let us take example in a pass in Paris Museum, you can have three visits at the same time it saves you time escaping long lines getting the right tickets for you to get it. An also, some passes when purchased in advance has special discounts especially when it the purchaser is outside country or tourist.

Travel tip 59. Prevention is better than cure.

If you feel that you are not ok or sick, immediately seek a doctor rather than just keeping it in. We know that seeking for medical help is quite stressful. You can visit some clinic with inexpensive rate at amazing experience.

You can contact your hotel officer and ask the right direction. Doctor can diagnose you, and give you a prescribed medicine to make your health ok.

Travel tip 60: Keep calm.

In terms of unexpected situation, don’t panic and keep calm. Emotional stress can lead to frustration and potential problems. Learn to manage your emotions and everything will go well.

Bonus Tips: Business Dinner Etiquette that work

So let us assume that you are on your first ever business trip to meet up a client or prospective investor. You have managed to make your initial meeting with sweaty palms. So in order for you to keep the initial tie, you invited her or him to a dinner.

Remember that your attitude in meeting up place a lot for your business success, your contract start up and will move to the next level and the fulfillment of your dream.

Your exceptional etiquette in dinner might be the key point for you to achieved unlimited opportunity. But, on the other hand with poor manners it can even close all those potential opportunity you have before the order is being place.

In this bonus tip, we will be sharing what most business calls are offering on their students in terms of the perfect etiquette in business dinner.

So carefully read the items below and if agreeable you can follow these business etiquette tips for you to increase success rate in your business dealings.

  • This is important, it is best to do your homework always. So before you officially arrive on your dinner place, make sure you already know the participants of dinner partner has and you can use them. Therefore you need to research important backgrounds like the company connected to them, culture, their success and even shortcomings and make sure to avoid sensitive issues unless they start opening it.
  • After doing your homework, on the scheduled dinner you need to arrive as early as possible. You can ask if y our party has booked in and if not, you can wait. If the charge is on you, you can inform the staff that you are paying the expenses and you can surrender your card.
  • No check or payment should be given by the staff upon leaving the restaurant. Make sure that you have carefully instructed the staff.
  • When the time your dinner party arrives, you need to act confidently. So all you have to do is to approach it with extra confidence, do handshake and look in the eye and be friendly by smiling naturally. Never assume familiarity, if situations happens wherein you are late, you can strike but never make calls to your party while you are on the way.
  • Turn off cell phones and other devices before reaching the dinner table.
  • When at table, you can stand behind the chair and wait if your dinner parties are conveniently seated. If you’re the one hosting, you can invite them to have a seat.
  • You can leave the utensils to their locations when both of you are seated. You can lift your table napkin gently and then fold in your lap. You need to take conform of formality and set a formal pace as it is an important dinner.
  • You need to pay attention on how the way you act, keep your posture right and you should keep your elbow off table. When seated, this is the time for you to become a good listener and please avoid talking topics like religion, news or politics that are controversial. Remember that you are on business dinner. So the conversation should focus on business and other related issues.
  • The host should order first and then you choose similar entrée. You can eat easy to digest foods and never commence eating until the serving is done. You can also offer toast to everyone.
  • Speak softly, and never do it in a loud manner. The conversation you have should be in flow unless details are needed and make sure to keep everything in simple. Peaceful meeting inspires with confidence.
  • Be aware that they are observing you, the way you act, your style, your manner and most off all your etiquette. So if you are familiar with some food styles you can do your additional research and then do your practice. Remember that your confidence in handling the food has big impact and gives you points. And also, make sure the utensils that you have used rest neatly and in order.
  • Make sure to cut food in small amount. Remember that you are on business dinner not a frat house. Chew smoothly and silently. You should be comfortable with your action if you want the dinner to last. Make sure to estimate and finish eating when your party is also done.
  • After the dinner, you can fold the napkin and place it to the left. You can place utensils all together then leave the place and don’t move ahead on the side.

Quick Reminders on business dinner:

  • Alcohol is a No in business dinner, so refrain from it, refuse even host encourages you.
  • As needed, you can use the napkin frequently.
  • The utensils are not used for emphasizing, do don’t do it.
  • Ice is not chewed, so don’t do it.
  • Chow thoroughly as you eat small.
  • No talking when your mouth is full.
  • Look in the eye, if topic is already commenced, eye contact is your best weapon.
  • Do it one time the breaking of bread and butter.
  • If you need to leave table for some things, make sure to excuse and place the napkin on the seat.
  • You need to understand culture of your dinner partner.
  • No hands on your face and hair, that’s should be noted by you.
  • You can ask food to be passed for you to avoid reaching table.
  • Be polite at all times especially to staffs, this positive attitude reflects yourself and others.
  • Follow your host’s lead if possible
  • Act naturally, relax, and keep calm.

Dinner etiquette has score points on you. Always remember that you cannot be that polite, you need to treat all in diner as equal and recognize the host on every opportunity. Just be you and great business will come along the way after the dinner.

business travelling guide

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