Disappearing Jobs

8 Disappearing Jobs in This World

The fate of every workplace is changing.

As the introduction of new technologies jobs become obsolete and new jobs are then created. Old jobs evolve or just fade away from the dark.

While most job predictions in the future were just a product of educated guesses, some careers seem to completely disappear in the next decades.

To help you identify those disappearing jobs, we have listed top eight, which we believed will not exist any longer.

1. Print media related jobs

This has become clear now. Soon printed word like newspapers and even books is not going to exist long. The technology now is turning digital and this will continue to evolve till it becomes digital in the next years, so jobs related to typesetting and delivery will be out sooner.

2. Photo processing

In the past, this was one of the most in demand job in the market, but that was long ago when getting photos needs to be developed. This time as the photo quality level up to the superb, film processing demand has decline and even become obsolete.

This time, professional photographers will not be using dark rooms anymore. So expect the closure of normal photo processing service when it takes one hour before you can get your photos out.

3. Archivists and librarians

Another effect of massive digitization, the demand or jobs related to librarian and archivist decreased 80 percent for the period of 2005 to 2015.

Scanning, store, and even search any information becomes easier in this new generation, the need for librarian becomes obsolete.

4. Household staffs like gardeners, cooks, maids and butlers

With the cultural shift like the gap between wealthy and below average, those who are employed on household has fallen steady for the past 10 years. The reason for this fall was due to the financial collapse.

5. Employee on Video rental store

This one already disappeared. Majority of rental chains has been out of business, there are still very few who exist but still on the fast downtrend. This is due to the availability of resource digitally.

6. Receptionists

The creation of automation systems has created huge impact on the jobs needed for certain business to operate. These new systems replaced manual labors in all fields.

This time, phone are designed to route calls, record messages, display the caller information and many more removing the duty of a receptionist.

7. Travel representative

Society is evolving, in the past when I was young, I remember my parents appoints travel agent every time we have our scheduled family vacation. The agent will do everything, from booking to the best deals of the vacation site.

This time, multiple websites can be accessed, serving the same functions, though website operators earn commissions from the transaction, the good thing was that the cost is less and you can choose a wide variety.

8. Manual cashiers

The introduction of ‘kiosk’, this one has become popular, though we are still away from full automated stores, but expected that in the next few years more machines and fewer humans will be on the stores.

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