Reasons Why You Didn't Get the Job

6 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job (Assuming You as Best Applicant)

Applied for job and never heard what happen?

If you have spent amount of your time in workforce, big chances for you to experience rejection, there are times that you need to get your luck to a job that you are not qualified or something that is very new to you. Well, that is fine, just try and who knows.

There are certain situations that you’re fit on the job, shall we say “very qualified”. You have been invited to an interview that hints you with positive idea of getting hired. And as everything seems success and suddenly it went nothing and put your whole effort to none.

Even though you are highly qualified or fitted for the job opening, there are unpredictable reasons that could happen on you end up nothing, these reasons that we are going to enumerate can be controlled and some cant.

Your job disappeared

When a certain job is posted, there are few things behind it. Oftentimes posted jobs on classified ads vanished. Why? The job vacancy might not be approved from the organizations Human Resource and already submitted the advertisement.

Everyone in the organization assumes that it will be approved, but things have changed, there are possibilities that the position is not anymore important to the business or the job did not exist. Sometimes companies look for internal candidates, but still they are required to undergo formal application.

The vacant job evolved

Though you have the needed qualifications as to the job requirements, considering that it’s a perfect match for you to be hired. Suddenly, your employer realizes that they need something else.

This can be like someone came with more skills and experience that they just discovered or another employee left and they are trying to integrate positions. Whatever reason it may be, your skill is no longer needed on the job.


Job that has good reputation is going to receive good applicants. So many applicants that hiring officers may have difficulties in choosing the right one for the job, some hiring officers even consider the first applicant came in has outstanding skill that wins over other.

You did not do your homework

Always remember that it is not about you being great as individual, but it’s about new employers’ first impression with the applicant that is you. This means that you need to carefully understand to the person you are talking.

Someone’s Inside took the advantage

Another event that you will not know about the hiring process is “internal politics.” This means that no matter how fitted you are on the job, and answered well on the job interview, “who you know” still wins.

And if someone important in the company recommends though the application is already over and on the process of hiring, it may even put you into dark.

Someone is willing to work at less

Lastly, the fastest way to lose job is by opening your salary grade while on the hiring process.

This does not mean that you have to be at less than the actual worth, but the point here is to delay this type of negotiations until to the point that you are offered with the position.

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