Being poor as person is not all about your financial status

3 Proven Reasons why you should not act like you’re busted

This idea came into our mind and we believed that it will be a great article.

Allow us to start by this statement “being poor does not mean your nothing”.

Being poor as person is not all about your financial status, there are things to consider for you to start shifting your financial status in life.

It is indeed very true that we spent most of our time for money, but there are certain behaviors that affect your aim for better income.

The idea of “living like broke” seems to be good. But behaving like you don’t have money doesn’t mean that you cannot do overspending and put into debt.

The only trouble here, though you behave like you are totally broke and to tell you this “broke” habit of yours can even cause major damage in the future.

We found just three reasons why you should not act like you’re totally busted.

Broke habit puts your wellness and health at risk”,

when you are financially tight, your first concern should start on health. Since money is limited, you adjust expenses and for sure you stop visiting your doctor and stop paying medications. Another thing, your “diet decrease” and this is true.

In times of financial distress, health should be your first priority. Don’t let financial issue stop you from caring yourself, if things go wrong and you got sick, the more problem you will face in the future.

Failed to see a bigger financial portrait”,

when we have limited money, our main focus is surviving. It can be a day, week or even month. In short, decisions that you have focused on short term.

Your mentality is focused on “living on a paycheck”, but when you start earning extra money, this short term ideology can harm. Example, you are used to buy by piece instead of buying bulk.

This also bumpers the ability for you to save money, take note, “by not spending money is different from saving.

Active plan is needed in order you can design a smart saving plan. Identifying where to place your money and taking it for personal circulation can hurt. Living in poor leaves you with lasting fear that bad could happen any time.

The idea of putting your money out of your reach, even in a short time is really scary for you. But this one is necessary, simply remind yourself, that things have changed and you are not that broke anymore, so start thinking your future.

Forget your money allocation schedule”,

money becomes a life blood when you are broke. And when you are not broke, money is something that you can horde but not just spending. When our finances are very healthy, we are looking for something that we can use money making our life happy and live long.

The idea here is simple, understanding goals and priorities, and managing finances properly will help you achieved goals and empower you to spend money effectively. Spending your money is not bad. In fact, money is made to be spent.

As long the budget you have supports your plan, can then spend money.

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