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20 Personal Habits That Will Hurt Your Business and Life

There was certain question that was asked repeatedly by number of people in the past and even today, these are the people who are aiming of becoming smart. Now the question goes like this, is abundance of details significant of an individual to become smart? Or is it above average or a person with exceptional intellectual quotient?

Perhaps, the wisdom values much that makes an individual state its sound decision at crucial moment, or a person that knows how to state the best even though in very bad situation.

We believed that it matters on the ability of a person to take some of the important life aspect for him to rethink before finally having the decision to be made. May be it requires a combination of individual traits making it become more effective. But generally, if a person is considered successful and smart, it might be hard for us to pinpoint what was really the main cause of him or her in becoming successful and becoming a wellbeing in his life.

Now so the truth to be told to you, we conducted a team research on it and we have found out from our series of discussion on the research and references from best authors and we notice what smart people don’t really do whether it is on their business, work or daily life activities which have help them to arrive into a certain conclusion as things that should be avoided by them. For sure, as long as you get out of these not so good things, others will surely come naturally.

1. Saving Attitude both Personal and Business

A successful people don’t clearly overlook the high possibilities of saving money that he or she is earning, in other words “cautiousness as virtue” this one is very significant for them and this does not simply mean being greed or stinginess. In fact, a person that has its full control over his or her finances and savings is considered a good behavior to have. By simply avoiding your unnecessary expenses is a good quality of a person.

The meaningless expenses you have can be avoided easily if you just find time to do it and of course you can imagine the amount of money that you can save by simply doing it and perhaps you can use those extra savings on other important things that might be helpful to you in making your life better or for improvement.

Let us have this example for you to save money, for starters who owning a mobile tap filter has a great effect for you to reduce the total money spent monthly on buying bottled water for consumption. Buying extra refill cartridge on your printer rather than just buying a brand new one is also considered a sensible investment for you to save money. Replacing your light bulbs in your home with those bulbs that has conserve energy feature is also a wise chose to take, seriously I have been applying this idea the time new energy saving bulbs are released on the market and to tell you it save me a lot, by simple doing simple things could mean something in the future.

Downloading application on you mobile phone that will reduce processing fees in your credit card or by simply choosing big bank as main provider of your funds than having a local bank is also a good choice.

In this modern day, internet has unfathomable amount of content that you can rely on, this can be both entertaining and educational purposes. Let us take this situation, when you are connected to the internet, paying your magazine or cable subscription is obviously useless. Because almost everything can be acquired online, of course at the cheapest price you can imagine, you can also subscribe to a streaming service or even online news.

Our point here is you need to learn how to realize things that you have and eliminate those items that are already useless (why pay a wired phone when you have a mobile phone?). Doing these basic things can then save you extra amount of money that you spend to bills that are not useful on your daily activities.

2. Never Rely On People

Having many friends is normal and we don’t see any wrong with it, even your co-workers and family members that you can rely and trust on. It is normal for us to have people that we can rely on when things really go bad. But to tell you, relying on other people heavily only portrays that you are that powerless that you can’t solve problems yourself. But as smart individual, indulging someone should not be a commodity.

You might possess an outstanding intelligence, a brilliant mind, etc. But if those traits are not practiced properly in good use, it will only look like incompetent like uneducated one. As smart people, when assistance is really needed, you need to pay close to it for you to determine the level of the problem. In most cases it is our insecurity and fear that greatly prevent as from executing decisions.

A thought that points to question like “what if things become worst?” that though is justified perfectly. Your unwillingness to conquer such fear that you are feeling right now should be eliminated.

3. Don’t just act carelessly

Take note this statement “Getting along with smart people is not fun” or “they are the type of people who are boring to be with”. Remember that you can have a drink, have fun or spend your day with a laugh. Your irresponsibility is not equivalent to being uninteresting, it only mean that you need to have an organized lifestyle.

Being superior in organizing things leads to greater efficiency in life. Whether you are an employee, a student, an artist, a celebrity or a business owner it has its own good effect. In reality, we have our different responsibilities in life, and for sure they are not usually imposed on you by someone else.

By simply putting those off with no compelling reason is like packing travel into a stressful future. Almost all people has their own experience of becoming irresponsible in which it tends to back fire in the long run, but those people who are smart simply do what they learn from inconveniences.

4. The feeling of being defeated is not on their vocabulary

Our education, our parents, our environment and our own past are responsible for our convictions and perceptions in this world. These things even point to the creation of “unwell” in other words referred to as being “self centered”.

Unwell is connected on how we have our imagination on the current world, the things that surround us by simply using our mind, but in some cases, these things can be extended to our current view on the philosophical matters.

Our convictions are acquired based on the things that we experiences in life, but it can be come incompatible when we experience new things that need unknown answers. And also if you just move out and experience new environment that you might interact with for you to learn new behaviors that might result to the blooming of your human qualities.

In fact sooner after that, your conviction might be challenged and could even lead to triumph. A smart people frequently challenged by convictions and they don’t just discard those challenges that keeps on coming. They then reshape those things, and allow those challenges for them to grow based from the new experience they have after solving those challenges. They don’t want to miss out opportunities for them to broaden their mind set, remember that you are not considered defeated if you learn new things or something that is valuable.

5. Smart people don’t dwell their errors

Just to make things clear here, this portion simply refers to those companies, who are manufacturing bad products in the market, or movies that are really bad, and etc. Naturally, it is normal that bad ideas sometimes appears in our life unexpectedly, even on things that we considered a masterwork, but once realized, it may not give good feedback with the community. You can even become unpleasant and humiliating whether you need to take it or just simply leave it.

When you have something that is intended for the masses, and the result somewhat not going good or in other words a failure, that best thing for you to do is to start from scratch again and look back on the mistakes and redesign or develop new ideas. So therefore, if you want to impress your audience, you need to carefully listen to them, don’t ever try to patch the product or simply make sequels in your attempt to demonstrate your brilliant vision.

Your credibility is needed in developing this kind of behavior, and even you have something good to share, your connection might not bother looking at it for them to give test try on the product you have. Doing it will not make you look weak or even foolish if you only know the time to give up, and give time for you to work on things up when you come back.

6. Past is a Stepping stone for the present

Naturally our past will always be embedded in our minds and no device invented today that will erase our past. The statement we have clearly point out that our past can’t be erased and it will remain in the past and will not haut us and it never leaves.

Therefore, we must learn to cope with those memories, and won’t let those things interfere our future tracks. If have nothing useful in the past that could contribute a higher success in your future, just close the door and let it stay in the past.

The previous experience that we have undertaken shapes ourselves and it makes us what we are now, and the previous struggles we have has great contribution of building our current character becoming a stronger person. But many people use their past experience for them to justify mistakes or their behavior. Perhaps people are using it as excuses or alibis so that other people may understand, or using it for others to easily forgive about certain things.

Acknowledging your past flaws but refusing to do a certain action about it, because you believed it can be used as an excuse, and then it is obviously that you are choosing an easy way for you to leave out, but to tell you, smart people will not do that kind of option.

7. Smart People don’t simply rely on luck in solving problems

Hope for best, but prepare for worst”, this is a good quote for those people who are guided by when they hope to invest efforts and time into something. Hoping of best scenario is the thing that motivate us (this includes you), but preparing for worst things simply prevents people who are guided well for possible falling. In other words, by just simply relying on things that will work for them is similar to a lazy person.

Your luck should then take credit only as fragment of the success that you currently achieved, because when you rely on pure luck frequently will then suffocate the ambition you have. And besides, people who are smart considers achievement as the result of work, it would become a disappointments for you to get fortune with luck as major contributor.

8. Smart people don’t just neglect important features in business

We strongly believed that this is one of the main key responsibilities in achieving success, you need to carefully have attention to the details or in other words just give your attention to everything you do and surely you will achieve success.

When a business owner is trying to be smart, the business should be directly governed by him. From the creation of the product, monitoring the quality of the product and the operation, doing these things will surely guarantee success.

Thought the logic that we have here is not that flawless to consider, since even though you have a super quality product at a reasonable price compared to your competitors, you are then still far from achieving success in your business. Remember that successful selling of your product requires absolute necessity of selling credibility. This means that you need to have a good campaign or advertising tactics.

You need to strive hard making your product appear in the market in a professional appearance. On some of our marketing discussions, we keep on saying that product awareness plays a significant role in running a business for them to achieved success, and one way of doing it is by making use of website.

Your website should not be underestimated since it has a strong impact in your business. Remember that many people will judge your product based on the design of your website, the authority of the content and the responsiveness of the website that it offers to the visitors. There are many establishments out there who offers amazing products and even extra ordinary services, but looks like an amateur when viewed online.

You need to start finding a good hosting service for your website, for you to ensure the responsiveness of the site, then proceed to the design(always desire for quality), and lastly your product, which should be describe eloquently to the people who are reading.

A website is a clear example of an aspect that you need to consider, but there are still other aspects that you need to be aware also, like providing good service in your customers and offering catch incentive plans. But our point here is not to push your direction. Instead you need to work on different aspects.

9. Learn from Mistakes and Take it as a Challenge to Level up

Mistakes are unavoidable, in the next few days of your life something might happen. For sure mistakes could happen anytime no matter how prepared we are. Remember that you cannot always have control of everything, and no invention up to this date invented for us to effectively avoid those unforeseen angles in our life.

Mistake is a clear reminder of our flaws in life, and will force us to alleviate the impact it made in our current lives. To tell you honestly, our mistakes can teach us about the lives we have and even ourselves only if we will let them.

Learning from our mistakes means you are finding experiences that is worth salvaging for you to minimize same unfortunate experience, when you realize your past mistakes and look for a sound solution that you can use in the future if things happen the same. A smart person uses those experiences for them to be prepared, and change things when they have power to do it.

Arrogant type of people looks for possible excuse and they choose to believe in their personal judgment without retrospect. This kind of behavior will hinder future success. Not just that, it will also your allies and people away from your connection.

10. Smart People Don’t Just Give Up Ideas They Have Because Other Don’t Agree

If you have read some of our smart advices in the past, we are sure that you have read our lines saying “determine when to finally give up”, being stubborn or too much pushy on things will only yield negative results. A wise or smart person obviously knows when to push things and stand firm on a certain situation and when thing becomes worst.

There is a very clear difference when a person gives your personal view a chance, but did not agree with it afterwards and a person that don’t want to give your idea a good chance but in the end accepted your opinions and thoughts. You need to remember that we are entitled to a constructive feedback towards our products and ideas, these feedbacks can be positive and negative one.

If a person discards your effort based on gut feeling, you must not allow them to do it on you. You have the right to fight your chance in order for you to shine, or you can try finding someone who will listen on you and be grateful for the idea you have.

Remember that we cannot please everyone, the higher possibility that people might become intimidated by the expertise that you have now will always be there because they want to hinder the level of development you are enjoying. So, if you want to launch or publish something in the public, you need to gather more opinions making it even stronger and of quality. Remember this, “constructive criticism is important for you to level up more”.

11. Smart people don’t do strong remarks that can look down other people

Our actions obviously speak louder than what we are saying. You don’t have to feel the overconfident and use the words of grandeur that will describe future actions. When you do these things, it will only look like you are just after with the people attention, for sure you will lose credibility.

As what we said on our previous publications, your credibility is important not just for your business but for your future and for being the real you in the eyes of others, and losing that credibility you have has huge impact in times of hard times or unforeseen life circumstances. So if you want other people to treat you serious with respect, you don’t need to talk big things without strong backups with your statements. Just let your hard works says it all to the people around you. Never rush things. Your connection will see it along the way.

12. Smart people don’t lose opportunity for them to broaden experience

This one is somewhat connected to the previous convictions that we mentioned, as what we said “there’s no eternal facts, and there’s no absolute truths”. Therefore judging on the statement that we have just stated clearly points out that becoming a complete being is impossible to happen, so setting similar goals for yourself should not be created or you will end up reaching failure. However, having endeavors in your progression to various areas is what smart people do in their personal life and business.

Like Science that constantly expands its understanding to its environment, it also tests those existing theories constantly and then comes up with a brand new one if new things are being discovered. Not just that, even the proven findings in the past are not exempted to possible change with the restudying that they have, they will be redefined, re-examined and then updated afterwards. They are after with the constant progress, searching for the truth not on what they believed

You need to expand the current database that you have, therefore a scientist are those type people who have strong qualities or a qualities of a smart people. “Majority of scientist are smart people“. I don’t know if you agree with that statement of ours, but based on our research we have concluded that statement.

13. They Know When to Back Off

Backing off in times of difficult situation don’t always mean losing up, this is much like the good idea that you have is not yet ready to be exposed. A wise people don’t just back off when they have a reason to fight for and reversely if they don’t have reason to fight, then why you continue to fight?

There are many people not just you who are criticized by parents, teachers and even superiors about the tastes, the interest and even the hobbies that we have. To tell you frankly, they can be correct, but through the course of history, a certain fix has been devised. If you can remember, older generation sold things when they don’t understand things fully and self absorbed that they don’t even give chance.

Just imagine the number of arts created, the music released, books and even film genres. They will not be here till today if people don’t consider them as product of good ideas. In the present, video game consoles struggles similar issues ( this one has a huge impact with the new generation). They become responsible for the troublesome and violent behavior of our youth of today. People don’t just consider them as a medium for delivering deeper personal values to the new generation.

14. Potentials on their gadgets are not wasted

Your lack of knowledge to a certain related field, or the absence of the needed skill for you to accomplish a certain task does not put you into hot seat or does not always mean being incompetent. A smart people finds good way for them to overcome these life trials, they tend to find a sound solution for them to compensate the shortcomings that they have in the present in which this will make them grow in preparation for the future.

Using the available gadgets at to the fullest enables them to prove to people that it can be beneficial in certain scenarios. Apparently, your tablets and Smartphone have connection to the internet and for sure has direct access to Bing, Google and Yahoo search engines, thus the only thing you need is for you to utilize these search engines efficiently. To tell you, almost anything you ask or anything that interest you most has answers or even detailed tutorial online. In other words, as long as you are connected to the internet, you have all the chances of solving any problems.

The application stores has its apps galore and if you use the search function properly, you will find out that there are applications that are remarkable and of course there are applications that are also tagged as nonsense or a waste of time downloading and installing. But generally, your tablet and smartphone has its pre-installed useful applications that can be used anytime, and also those pre-installed applications are really useful. For instance, an app that will help you manages data, making notes and scheduler.

Basically, with the use of phone application, it will help you navigate on unfamiliar places to anywhere you travel around the globe, it can also increase your security level, it helps you look for the nearest restaurant in an unfamiliar town whichever country you are and many more, you just find time to search for the right app for your need.

15. Overestimating Their Ability Is a Big No

Even the brightest people born in the past or today can experience a tragic downfall. This is because they overreached their past limitations. Your hard work and ambitions are healthy and no need to be ashamed for, but with the absence of proper moderation, these good qualities you have can become dangerous.

When you over exhausted yourself in achieving your success continually, it can be a stressful situation and can create a negative bang with your health later on (your wealth is nothing if your health is poor). Your insatiable aspiration for development to something can even cloud the good perspective that you have. The possibility of losing grip on the other aspects of your life, it can end up alienated from your peers, and that experience is very sad no matter how successful you are since you don’t have someone to share your achievements in life.

Before we forget, our mind has limits and therefore actively thinking often about the problem that you are experiencing will not get you anywhere. It is very important that you determine why you are stuck to a certain situation and taking a break might be a solution for you to refresh your mind so take a break. Our point here is you need to give time for your mind to relax and process things naturally.

You will be surprised with the result when you rethink things, even though the answers to the problems are pretty obvious, examining them carefully in the morning will be better, perhaps you will be surprised the possible outcome it may happen after rethinking.

16. Smart People Don’t Make Unnecessary Enemies

Regardless of what level of life status you are, whether you’re a rising entrepreneur star or just an employee in small firm, it is normal for you to encounter competition, enemies, nemeses, or whatever you want them to label in particular.

The types of people that we have just enumerated are not that malefic in nature. It only points out that your ideologies, convictions or your point of view are incompatible to them. The problem here is that you can’t foresee what may happen next and you will never know that feeling until such time that you experience it.

You must consider the importance of defining between enemies that are created by actions you made and enemies created by the circumstances. You need clearly established how the competition induces a minor mistrust, so you should not incite redundant conflicts. When socializing with people who are stubborn or hot headed people, rest assure that you will notice something with their responses.

When you try to prove something in an argument with unconventional behavior, the smartest thing for you to do is to simply waggle or simply say that you don’t agree with them and that’s it end of discussion no more flowery word that can ignite a deeper yet hotter argument.

When you enter into partnership, you need to carefully check thoroughly whom you are partnering with or shall we say your future allies, you need to check if they will not deceive you in the future, and also you need to make sure that you don’t do something that is like treacherous. Moreover, when divorce happen in the future likely to happen, you need to make sure that you don’t completely separate in bad terms, since having a relationship is based on your acts spite that it won’t do anything good.

17. They get rid their Pride

Allow us to start this portion with a meaningful quote that we found from a manga artist, “If things become rusty, then it cannot be trusted anymore. But if the owner has failed to control the rustiness, it will even cut him”. In spiritual teaching, pride is usually labeled as bad human characteristic, but when it comes to reality, it might be a diverse story. Your pride can be acceptable completely, but when it is consumed it can be inconvenient.

It’s not that rare that when you become brilliant, the higher the tendency that you castigate the opinion of other people around you automatically without even thinking twice. Not just that, you might be rejecting good proposal or an initiative, this is because you’re not the one who created it. A smart people simply rely on reasoning and having too much of your pride interferes those good reasoning, it is like a good feature that is not working properly. So the need for you to consider those negative attitudes that can destroy success.

18. Smart people don’t put all eggs in a single basket

This one is no brainer. It clearly tells us not to invest everything just to realize a sole idea. You need to have a back-up plan, contingencies, alternatives etc. in all of your actions if things go wrong. You need to take the possibilities that there are people that might not be happy with your work or something that can go really bad.

The statement we have does not mean that you should back up when the things that you plan don’t happen, but don’t worry we will address this situation on the next part.

19. Smart people simply don’t lie

Don’t just live on illusion that your life will be that easy to live on. Take note that your whole effort might thwarted on some occasion. Intelligent and bright people obviously know how to pick and choose options that will make them move forward. They simply work with pure confidence and never expect that everything will go easy. Even if things seem easy to handle, they don’t lower down guard and keeps prepared before unforeseen things happens.

A person that is smart certainly loves challenges and trills in life and they overcome those obstacles and grow with it. They believed that downtime is somewhat refreshing or a confronting task that they need to work for them to live for.

20. They don’t catch superfluous risks

There are times in our lives that we found ourselves in some point in which we take risk in exchange for a greater gain in the future. If you are a type of person who likes to take the adrenaline challenges like “with high risk, gets high rewards”, well living in it is not that bad as long as you know how to handle those risks properly or you have the experience for you to overcome risk, because if something goes wrong with it, surely it will be a miserable experience to solve.

We believed that this type approach contradicts to what a smart people is, since this do not oblige you to face risk, but instead limits to those risks that are only necessary for you to solve. You need to realize that even the smallest risk has gain. Like joining a lottery, obviously that is a poor choice or action. If you have extra cash, you need to save it and wait for the right time for it to accumulate. Then you can invest it and enjoy the returns it give I the future.

So when you have the funds, you don’t have to depend much on people that are not close to you or shall we say strangers, wildcards, and even stay away from fluctuating stocks in the trading market. You need to work extra smart for you to achieve pure success, do not be teased by possibilities that your life can be change overnight.

“There’s no overnight success in life”.

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